Postgraduate Courses

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, University College Cork.

CC6008: Palaeography and Manuscript-based Research

This course provides training in reading medieval and modern parchment manuscripts. Students encounter a wide range of manuscripts compiled in Ireland including Old, Middle and Modern Irish texts as well as Latin and Early English materials. Particular emphasis is placed on helping students differentiate scripts and abbreviations, as well as interpret and edit manuscripts to a high standard. This course consists of weekly hour-long seminars or workshops that focus on palaeographical issues and how to overcome them.

DH6003: Digital Humanities Institute

This course consists of an intensive multi-day workshop and seminar aimed at students in the Digital Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences. The module provides an opportunity for peer-directed intensive investigation on specific topics in the Digital Arts and Humanities. Lectures included sharing the editorial challenges of encoding the mise-en-page of marginalia-bearing medieval manuscripts using Text Encoding Initiative Extensible Markup Language, as well as exploring the representation of medieval manuscripts online.