Academic Awards


Digital Scholarly Editions Initial Training Network (DiXiT) Travel Bursary, 2016
Course: Medieval and Modern Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age (MMSDA) in Cambridge and London from 2nd – 6th May.
Sum: £500

Digital Scholarly Editions Initial Training Network (DiXiT) Travel Bursary, 2016
DiXiT Convention: “Digital Editions: Academia, Society, Cultural Heritage” in Cologne, Germany, from 15th -18th March.
Sum: €200

European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme for Research Travel Bursary, June 2015
Course: Collaborative European Digital Archive Infrastructure (CENDARI) “Researching Medieval Culture in a Digital Environment” Summer School in Prague from 20th – 24th July.
Sum: €300


Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship, Irish Research Council, 2016 – 2018
I was awarded an Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship of €24,000 per annum over two years to fund my PhD thesis; “Retrieving the Textual Environment of the Old English Bede: A Digital Remediation of Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 41.”
Sum: €24,000 per annum

Doctoral Studentship, University College Cork, 2014 – 2016
Funded by the School of English, to pursue my research on the Old English Bede (OEB) within the Digital Arts and Humanities (DAH) PhD course.
Sum: €10,000 per annum

Postgraduate Research Scholarship, University College Cork, October 2013 – 2014
Based on the exceptionally high standard I maintained throughout my Higher Diploma in English Literature, I was awarded an Excellence Scholarship for the Taught Masters “Texts and Contexts: Medieval to Renaissance Literature” by the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences (CACSSS) in University College Cork (UCC).
Sum: €6,000

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